Róbert Olasz

Runner, humankinesiologyst


OlaszRobert3A humankinesiologyst runner, running lover maybe not obsessively but running has been playing an important part of my life for a long time. I started on asphalt, after that came the terrain and the orienteering has become my real love by now. It is a run with compass and map on an unknown territory, where not only endurance but also clean head is very important.

Running is a natural movement that is genetically coded in everyone, everyone knows it, everyone can do it, but the way of doing it matters a lot! As a recreational and health preservation activity, it is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Hasty chasing the kilometers with the lack of patience, the inappropriate workouts and not keeping the balance between the workload and rest can lead to problems. These problems may appear as lesser pain first, but later on it can cause serious overload injuries or locomotor disorders.

My aim is to make running a painless and joyful activity for my patients, so they can get their freedom of moving and they can reach their main goal!

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