Running and Gait analysis in the Gyógytornászda

With every movement in the vertical posture, there is a great deal of emphasis on the initial contact, the position of the foot arches, their dynamic operation, mid-stance and rolling and take-off from the ground. Each time when the foot contacts will have a serious effect on the lower limbs, joints above and through the spine. Any problem in the chain, any lesion in the sole area affects the whole kinetic chain and movement. There are countless times Patients / Guests who have had complaints in the lower limb, pelvic, lumbar region, which may be due to inadequate running technique or faulty, inadequate grip of the lower limb axes.

Therefore our team - specializing in locomotor problems - introduces new services.

By focusing on prevention and dealing with existing complaints, we provide a more dynamic survey that includes the thorough and extensive testing bases we are familiar with, complemented by a multi-camera dynamic test on a treadmill with biomechanical analysis, alongside our complex musculoskeletal tests.

Who do we recommend our service to?

  • athletes, - mid,long ultra-distance runners, triathletes, cross-country and trai runners, all athletes in running or running in trainings
  • for those who are just starting out or doing sports and want to start right
  • for those who have been running for a long time and want to run better
  • for those who have goals for running and do not want to get hurt
  • those who run with PAIN

Why is so important?

A gait analysis is a method for identifying biomechanical abnormalities in the gait cycle. It’s a great tool to assess the way in which you walk and run. It can identify any overactive or underactive muscles in the lower limb, which could lead to potential injuries and inefficiencies in the future.

  • In early stage: detecting arch and axis problems, inadequate muscle strength, stability problems, reduction of damage due to incorrect running technique
  • Effective and energy-saving running technique: optimal technique, proper deep and core muscles, stability
  • Correction of problems caused by previous injuries: axis and muscle corrections, extension of the movement range of joints



You can choose from 3 gait/run analysis packages (there are some tests that are included in each package)

Test duration: 30-180 minutes (depending on package)

Basic package (30-40’)

  • Anamnesis (setting goal)
  • General Health Check and posture analysis
  • Static foot test
  • Dynamic foot test
  • Running on treadmill or outdoors
  • Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Suggestions

Advanced package (80-90’)

  • Including Basic package and
  • Specific training proposal
  • Suggestions for changing the running technique
  • 1 month follow up for training and running technique

Complex package (approx 180’)

  • Including Advanced package and
  • Complex musculoskeletal examination with physiotherapist
  • Correction suggestions and training
  • 3 month follow up for training and running technique